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The comic will be late due to server issues, time constraints caused by exams and a tendinitis flare up. So basically it’ll be up tonight because I feel guilty.

Apologies for the lack of comics the past two weeks. For once it wasn’t because I had nothing to post, it was that I kept forgetting to scan the pages in. That and I couldn’t find the sketchbook that the latest page was in. I have 7 or 8 sketchbooks that I’ve used in the [...]

The database was restored which (for those of you who don’t know wordpress) means that all information that used to be on this site overwrote the new site.  So while it’s great that I have all those old posts and stuff it also means I have to go through and fix broken images and upload [...]

Yay, new update and a special thanksgiving update!  I know, I amaze myself with how much I give you dear readers.  It’s a blessing and a curse really.  What can I say?  The newest update is in the comics category and the thanksgiving one is in a new category called random.  That’s where all the [...]

Yeah, got sick…again.  This time it’s a nastier cold, or maybe my immune system’s still tired from fighting the last one.  Anyways, as much as I want to work on the updates, all I’m capable of currently is sleeping and rewatching Heroes.  Real work will have to wait another day or two until I can [...]

So the comic’s in the works, it’ll be up at some point.  And the next one is penciled so we’re making real progress here.  Now, as long as I can get all the work that my teacher’s are throwing at me done in a reasonable amount of time, there should be no problems.  That and [...]

As a heads up, there may possibly be some changes happening in the next few weeks around here.  Maybe.  I really can’t say much because it’s very super secret stuff.  But there might be some changes to the design and layout of this comic and another comic not to scare you or anything.  Really.  Don’t [...]

Underestimated how much my own body hates me.  No updates today because my hand/wrist simply won’t let me draw any more.  I’m going to give myself a break (aside from going to work) and regroup tomorrow, hopefully it’ll do some good.  As I said before there will be updates by Sunday at the latest and [...]

Yay, updates again!!!  My plan is to update again tomorrow and Saturday, if one or both of those days doesn’t happen than I’ll update a little later, but the next two updates will hopefully be up by Sunday at the latest.  Factors affecting that would be the pain in my wrist flaring up or my [...]

Ah yes, forgot to mention that our scruffy cameo dude from the last comic has a name.  The two suggestions will be combined (thanks Craig and Bryan).  Please give a warm welcome to Javier Jarvis the Stubble Prince of Shick Quatro Mt. and Archduke of Shaving Cream Valley.  We’ll call him Silver. Know what would [...]