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The comic wouldn’t shrink nicely as you can see so I put it here for you to look at.  Yeah, I really didn’t know what I was doing and still don’t really so it’s all good.  That is one of my cat’s Jynx, sister of Matt and possibly anorexic.  If anyone knows why an otherwise [...]

I apologize if this offends anybody.  Actually I don’t, because you’re probably an asshole and I already don’t like you.  Anyways, this was drawn up after a long day of work dealing with…people and just now posted.  That poem…I honestly don’t know where it came from, probably from the asshole of the internet, or the [...]

By the time we started WoD I was just starting to grasp the intricacies and rules of D&D 3.5, albeit it took about 2 years to do so.  You have to realize that I had a full set of the core books, but they were 3.0, and tragically exiled from our illustrious gaming table, dear [...]

This is probably the fastest I’ve done a comic so far. Not much to say about the artwork except for my laziness with the backgrounds. When I’m done with the foreground I really don’t have the motivation to make pretty backgrounds that are going to be covered in text. Don’t ask me what Hui is [...]