So It Begins..

The backgrounds will get better, promise. But they do add something to the panels don’t they?

Yes, Habeeb’s last name is MahBoob. That’s apparently a real name (I’ll let Habeeb’s player elaborate, I just can’t remember that far back). The name “Habeeb” came from a fantastic shopped comic that was going around the group at the time. We pretty much made fun of K’s visions the entire game. The joke was that everything he pictured was drawn in crayon, which is why the drawing is so simple. It is amusing to think of K stealing a kid’s drawing and going out on a journey, however.

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  1. Kedehern

    I guess I should be used to all the ridicule and abuse K takes. But I stand by the fact that he was the most awesome all around character ever.

  2. Deborah

    Yes, K put up with a lot. I think we all had awesome characters, I certainly miss playing Cacophonia. Ready to fall on your face?

  3. Habeeb

    “HABEEB IT!”

    Habeeb was the joke, Mahboob was not.

  4. Deborah

    Fixed the description, I’ll fix the comic later on.

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