The comic wouldn’t shrink nicely as you can see so I put it here for you to look at.  Yeah, I really didn’t know what I was doing and still don’t really so it’s all good.  That is one of my cat’s Jynx, sister of Matt and possibly anorexic.  If anyone knows why an otherwise healthy cat that eats regularly and drinks regularly won’t gain weight I’d love to know.  Oh and she tends to ring like a telephone quite a bit, winning her the nickname “Togepi” since it sounds like the pokemon.  Her brother is enormous but she’s still like 2 lbs.

Anyways, let me explain the three jokes at the end.  The first is the reference to Disco Jesus from loserz, a very funny comic, I recommend it.  The second is a parody of Red vs. Blue’s joke “why are there six pedals when there are only four directions?” and finally the third is my gaming group’s current joke, “are you retarded?”  We only direct this question at Bryan who’s character’s mother died and may or may not have hated him every moment she was alive.  We’ve actually taken every possible opportunity to remind him that his mother died and probably didn’t like him.  Because you know, we’re good people.  The rest of us lost our parents too in the game, actually our home too.  We cope with it by drinking heavily (me), fighting a lot (Tom and Mark), picking on little girls (Bryan) and rolling knowledge nature (Andrew).

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