Yay, new update and a special thanksgiving update!  I know, I amaze myself with how much I give you dear readers.  It’s a blessing and a curse really.  What can I say?  The newest update is in the comics category and the thanksgiving one is in a new category called random.  That’s where all the ifbits are going to be moved to make the archives easier to go through.  Now that those are up it’s time to work on what comes next, good thing I have an overnight shift tomorrow, plenty of time to work.

I hope that everyone out there enjoys Thanksgiving, hopefully with your family if possible and if you get along with them.  I’ll be in Maryland getting together with relatives I don’t see very often, it should be fantastic.  Interestingly there will be four generations there from my grandfather to my cousin’s son, which is pretty cool.  Aside from seeing my aunt, uncle and cousins I’m really excited about the meal we’ll have tomorrow.  Mostly the pumpkin pie.  That’s like crack to me.  Mmmmmm pumpkin pie.

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    :’( more plz?

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