The Beginning!

Ah, I think I dreamed in plaid after I finished this plaid.  The description of K that I got was “wiry, looks like this guy, and dressed in plaid with a mace and a sword”.  My photoshop software actually has a plaid fill that I use when K comes up.  I have to say that I’m happy that the comic is up but disappointed with the artwork.  It’s a combination of a couple of things.  First is that I haven’t really cemented the style that I’m drawing this comic in, so nothing really looks good or like it was drawn confidently or even given a reasonable amount of effort.  The second is (at least with this page) I’m still learning to use the awesome pen tool in photoshop and I have improved in leaps in bounds and am always satisfied with the outline it allows me to draw.  You can see that the city was drawn with the pen but at the time I was somewhere between “hmm, a distorted, weird look to the buildings will look cool” and “dear god, why is this taking so long?” so it came out like crap.  Other than that though, I’m happy.

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