(In order of appearance)

Kedehrn (Keh – dayrn) – (played by Bryan) A demon in possession of some poor Celt’s body. He was once a Luciferian but now he’s just homeless. He had a prophetic and disturbing dream involving three others and himself fighting an unknown but imminent evil. Acting on his dream he traveled from Ireland (or the area that would become Ireland) through the Roman Empire to a Mediterranean city in search of the people he saw in his dream. Unfortunately, he found the rest of the group and thus began his descent into insanity but also eventually gave birth to the bubble religion.

Cacophonia (Ka – ko – phone – eeya) – (played by Deb) An eternally seventeen year old mage and somewhat well-known bard. Cacophonia’s name is actually Messalina but her father decided that a stage name would be better for her career as a musician and so renamed her and then promptly kicked her out into the cold world. A probationary member of the Celestial Chorus, our young paradox magnet seems to get into trouble more often than not. When not writing epic music that will someday be known as “Rock n’ Roll”, she enjoys annoying the other members of the group by being barely competent as a magic-user and extremely and loudly prejudiced against Greeks.

Bai Tau Hui (Bye – Tao – Hwee) – (played by Tom) Hui is actually possessed by a demon, but he doesn’t realize this because he has pretty severe amnesia. He has no real explanation for living as long as he has except for the fact that he’s very fit and he keeps company with a demon, mage and a vampire and one of them has to be prolonging his life. Anti-social and indifferent to pretty much everybody around him with the exception of Habeeb who’s strong enough to be interesting, Hui likes to spend his time collecting bits and pieces of armor and weapons and fighting. After all, what’s the point of going on a quest if you can’t kill people while you’re at it?

Habeeb (Ha – beeb) – (played by Mark) The group’s charismatic Assamite with a heart of gold. Sure he may kill his marks horribly and painfully but he doesn’t really enjoy it. Habeeb also suffers from amnesia and from a gambling problem which is how he came to own Kedehrn. However, neither of those seem to matter as he’s loaded and strong enough to kill most people that get in his way. Habeeb enjoys diablorizing other vampires and one day dreams of eating a fourth generation vampire and becoming uber. Habeeb is usually the one that does the talking when Kedehrn is spreading crazy like the common cold and Cacophonia’s enjoying the perks of being an ancient roman woman.

New characters will get their entries here when they appear in the story and current characters will be updated as needed.

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