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Our D&D group has been together for years, 3 of which I have been a member. We have played a lot of different campaigns, modules and 1-shots and systems, ranging from BESM to regular 3.5 D&D to custom made systems. In between D&D campaigns (or sometimes in the middle) we enjoy brief forays into other systems such as World of Darkness. One such adventure was a 2000 year campaign where we started close to 0 B.C. as demons, vampires and mages and started a huge quest to save the world. This has become our back-up game when we need a break from 4th ed. or when our DM needs time to write more of the campaign. One day the idea to turn the events of the campaign so far into a comic came up and so I started drawing.

The comic follows our characters as they try to stop Lucifer (or avoid him, I actually don’t remember what the case is) and try not to kill too many people in the process. It also has it’s own vague plot that I’m making up as I go which doesn’t really differentiate from the campaign’s plot but does avoid things like us milling around without really making any progress at all. I’d just like to note that the majority of things in the comic actually happened in our sessions. So anytime you’re reading and you think, “Now they can’t really have been stupid enough to do that“, yes, yes we were stupid enough and our GM let us do it anyway.

I would just like to note that it’s amazing how much paradox you can accumulate without destroying the city around you in a fiery explosion.

Quick Facts:

  • This comic updates once a week on Fridays whenever the hell I get a new page finished.  If I can cut down the time it takes to produce an individual page the updates will increase.  If I lose my job or we start using 36 hour days the frequency of updates will increase.
  • This site runs on a server that has been described to me as “two computers were shoved together and told to be a server”. If it crashes, I take no responsibility.
  • While it’d be awesome of any of the players were knowledgeable in the periods of history our characters lived in, we have to make due with our thrown together gumbo of information.  Therefore if anything is historically inaccurate that’s why.  I’m not planning on remedying this because only a few parts of history actually interest me and I don’t have time to research, but if something is glaringly wrong, drop me a line.
  • The story was made with a roleplaying system where there are rules and mechanics, however what you see here is only the story so rules and mechanics will be modified or even ignored.  Think of it like the difference between the pokemon show and games.
  • I’d be happy to answer any questions you have at pseudoworlds@gmail.com and if you like it of course I’d appreciate your feedback too.

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