About Me

Obviously I love drawing and someday I’d like to be marginally well-known for my comics and perhaps even published.  When I’m not drawing I adore studying Japanese or programming or playing video games or reading.  After years of denial I have admitted that I am a pokemaster and I will not live in shame for it any longer.  Right now I work at a company that handles internet advertising as well as developing and managing websites, you can find out more here.  As well as Kill K I work on several other projects including My Master’s Servant and Rain.  For this particular project my staff consists of myself and the roleplaying group I belong too. They offer their support in the form of threats and goading until I give in and draw another page.

Name: Deborah Dalcin

Age: 23

Favorite Music: Too many to count but the list includes: Rammstein, Flogging Molly, RJD2, Sting, Gym Class Heroes, Gogol Bordello, Assemblage 23, Dir en Grey, Mew…

Favorite Artist: Giorgio di Chirico and Daisuke Moriyama

Favorite Movie: The Dark Crystal

Favorite Book: Neuromancer

Favorite Anime: Tenchi Muyo!

Favorite Manga: Chrono Crusade

Favorite Comic: The Sandman

Favorite Pokemon: Budew, Mewtwo and Jigglypuff

Favorite Drink: Cranberry and Vodka, Sake

Person I want to meet most: Jan Kurotaki

Conventions Attended: Otakon

If I could be anything in the world what I’d be: Musician

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